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Monday, June 27, 2011

What Crows talk in Summer!Their voice in Description(My own video)

What Crows talk in Summer!
Learn from us how to survive with the little water to take Bath
Their voice in Description(My own video)


ka...ka...ka..ka(Our voice)Hey....hurreh....At last we found the small temporary Pond in the Hot city.we have got enough water to take Bath.You won't Believe us .You can see our legs are how deep in the little water.Learn from us how to survive with the little water to take Bath..Do you know where we are? we are in the terress in the hot city.We can survive anywhere in the world.   ka...ka...ka...ka...(Thanks to our viewers)..Happily Bathed.  Do you? ha...ha...ha...ha....(Sorry ka...Ka...Ka...ka...).Thanks to the Sponsor who Poured the water for themselves.And not for themselves(of course not only for them.Even for us also who were so hot).  Next we are going to Start Our work.But a Big Joke is Our Earth is surrounded by 3/4 th of water(Think with serious Thanks for the joke say Joke with Serious).Thanks to our Readers(Visitors).ka..ka..ka..(Bye).